October 10, 2014

Carl’s San Juan 21 leaving the weeds 10.9.14

The lake that Carl lives on has been low for the past few years. His sailboat has been sitting in mud most of that time.

Since he’s busy and the lake has only come up enough to float the boat he decided he didn’t have time to sail so he gave it to Jim and I.

This boat would be easy to launch on Lake Jessup at the ramp just a couple miles from the house. We’d be able to go out for a night or two whenever we had a chance.

Jim is bailing….


Carl has a friend with a boat who is willing to try pulling us out.


Jim is still bailing…and finding ant nests. They’ve had the boat to themselves for a long time.

005csWhile waiting for Carl’s friend…..they decided to see how far out of the weeds they could get.


A little pulling…….a little poling…..


a little more pulling and a little more poling……


After all that work….they had managed to get the bow a few feet past the end of the dock…then we heard the boat on it’s way.

Carl and I are going to ride in the boat to the pull out spot. Cant really call it a launch ramp….ramp doesn’t reach the water.

This is our view as the boat started through the weeds.


The trip through the weeds went well….and the boat actually floats. 

We checked this ramp out earlier today…Jim will have to back into the lake to get the trailer in the water.


Even with the trailer backed in almost to the boat the bunks were not in the water. It’s a tilt bed and that made it possible for them to load it.


Carl’s friend, Joe,  spent most of the time in the water. Here he is turning us to face the trailer. Hope he’s not looking for a gator cause I have to jump in the water too.

You remember how thick those weeds were in front of the boat at the dock?….he jumped right in while Carl tossed a string over to him to attach to a rope for Carl to pull  back and hook to our boat.


Jim’s in water to his knees unlocking the tilt.




Cranking it on…022cs

I got off the boat so I could get some video of Jim hauling it out….


You can see how far he had to back into the lake….the exhaust pipe was just out of the water.


The winch cable broke….had to tie it on for the trip home.031cs

We took it real easy going home.  Trailer had old tires on it.

This is what one looked like this morning…but it held up to get here.


So here she sits….waiting for her “face lift”.


This video shows us getting pulled out of the weeds and on the lake to the ramp and then Jim driving out of the lake with the boat.

Another project….Jim doesn’t hardly get one done and he’s looking for another.

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