November 1, 2014

Ready to sail 10.31.14

Jim has worked really hard getting this boat cleaned up and ready to go.

Once the inside was finished, he used Poli-Ox to scrub the boat and then put Poli-Glow on it. Boy does it shine now. Once that was done he stained the teak rails and the teak around the companionway. Really dresses it up.


Today we stepped the mast and had the jib up when Carl got here. He helped us get it rigged right.


Finally got the main up…..


So far, all the sheets and lines look good.


All dressed up and ready to go.


We were planning to launch the Yukon Delta houseboat on Thursday but maybe we’ll launch “Liquid Asset” on Sunday…spend a couple nights on it…try it on for size.


Holiday said...

Carol, how much Poli-Glow was used to make this SJ shine?
Scott CTH Group

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

I think Jim put 5 coats on and used 1/2 bottle. We've used it on all of our boats in the past and have been very happy with it.

Holiday said...