March 24, 2015

Hontoon River, St Johns River, Norris Dead River, 3.22.15

Peaceful Sunday morning on the Hontoon River.


Once we got back on the St Johns River things started picking up. There were several rowers out today.


And here come a few more….must be practicing. One of our favorite houses on the river is that white one on the R. They store their pontoon boat under it. Looks like they are driving into it now.


This Osprey watched us go by.


At the entrance to Driggers Island there is a deep hole that is a favorite fishing spot. It shows 32 ft on the depth finder.  If you hit the right spot it is over 40 ft.


I wouldn’t mind having this motor sailor. Looks like plenty of head room for Jim and the mast is not too tall.

102_1082vSince there were so many boats flying up and down the river we decided to take the Highland Park Canal to the Norris Dead River. We like these back waters.


When the Herons fly they tuck their long neck up.


I enjoy this kind of travel.


There is always something beautiful just around the bend….and at times you wonder if you can pass through…



This female Anhinga tried to look big and scare us off.


As we were looking for a spot to anchor we spotted this gator cruising the side of the river.


Another Osprey watching the water.


No bats tonight either….saw a couple gators in the water from a distance but they never got out to sun themselves or pose for pictures.

Another good day on the water.

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