October 23, 2015

First road test with camper 10.22.15

Jim checked out the new brake system…worked great….so we hooked up the camper for a short road test.


Went out for brunch (Jim had breakfast and I had lunch) then we went to Lowe’s and picked up a piece of Plexiglas for the screen door where the kitty door is. We need to winterize  it for before cold weather. It’s on the screen porch and that is where the wood stove is and we use it for heating.….stopped for gas…Jim likes ethanol free.

Most of driving was around town so lots of stopping.  One short trip down the toll road to check sway..towed great.


We are going to Eustis for a car show this weekend. We’ll take the camper and set it up with the awning etc. After the show we’ll go spend the night at Jim’s brother’s. I think we are going to help him launch his sailboat and pull some cattails out of the lake by his dock.

That will be our first bit of distance with the car and trailer. Maybe 100 miles round trip.

Want to be ready for a Tin Can Tourist meet in Dec.

The Chevy looks good in front of the Scamp….but I prefer the Hudson….they have the same smooth lines.


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Out To Pasture said...

Beautiful cars! Havn't seen a sun visor like the one on your Hudson since I left Australia, many moons ago. I agree that the smooth lines of the camper and the Hudson compliment each other very well. And of course the elegant fronts of palm trees in the background make it all picture perfect. Thank you for the eye candy!