December 27, 2015

St Johns River 2.24.15

Jim was up before daylight and had coffee going. I got up ...fixed the bed back into a couch...we had coffee on the rear deck. When it got light enough to see we hauled in the anchor an headed out.
The sun was coming up as we crossed the lake.
 Looks like the sailboat is still here....

This is the entrance to Silver Glen Springs.
There were a lot of ducks hanging out here.  The water from the springs is crystal clear and runs into Lake George.
 This Blue Heron is enjoying the first warm rays of the sun.
 This is a Cormorant...also called a Snake Bird because they swim with their bodies submerged with just their neck and head above water.
 I had Jim hand me the camera so I could take some pictures....without the dingy we don't get many.
You can see how clear the water is....we come in here every now and then so we can check the bottom of the boat...
Jim got his feet wet but wasn't sure if he wanted to get in....the water is 72* year around...during the summer it feels cold...I got in once when it was 28* outside air and it was like a warm bath.
Love the way these turtles take advantage of everything to warm themselves.
 This Blue Heron is almost hidden.
 This little guy is only about 2' long....might be the same one that was here last year.
 He even turned around so we could see both sides.
We usually see several little gators in the lower part of the springs but without the dingy we only had this one . We moved down to this part of the springs when a couple of big houseboats came in....lots of people out here for Christmas.

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