August 18, 2016

new radiator ..brackets for bumper

Once Jim got the radiator back from Ed's Radiator repair shop he had to install it...lots of unhooking and moving parts to get it in.
 He had to modify the shroud and get new hoses.
It looks pretty good.
Now it's time to weld on the brackets this bumper will bolt to.
 a 2 x 6 and a jack holds it in place while he sets the brackets....

 He's tack welding them ...then he'll remove the jack and 2 x 6 and finish up.
 Jim used to race Top Fuel Dragsters....had to do a lot of the work himself...not like today with a big crew. He also had a shop building super charged engines for street rods....that is what he was doing when I met him...went to lots of car shows.
 Working on the rest of the "bright work".
 It will have a lot more shiny stuff on it than I like but that is what the new/old front end had.

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