March 1, 2017

Tin Can Tourists pt.2

 Starting to see more classic cars pulling campers.

 I think this is a UHaul camper.  I like the tip out windows.

 Looks like this would be easy to pull and makes a nice mini tent.
 Jim and I had one like this....but not as pretty.

 I like this one...Trotwood...the windows tip out so can be open in the rain.

 Big campers...little campers...doesn't matter.

 I believe this is a Boler.

 another Boler.....very similar to our Scamp.
 I like this...the little windows on the top open and the side windows tip out...good air flow.
 How about this one.

This tent folds down into that little trailer and he tows it with that little beetle. How cool is this. The bed is on the trailer.
Go to and look for a meet in your can go through all these you a good idea what you might want.

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