March 17, 2008


We slept in after watching the big light show last night...sometimes the lightening was so bright you couldnt look at it..
It was almost 9:30 before we hauled up the anchor and started out...We had taken down all the fenders, the bimini, and anything that could cause damage or blow away was tied down...I had everyone's life jacket ready..just in all had to be put in its place.
It is still very windy. The Calibogue sound is very choppy....we need 2 windshield I can see too. We fueled at Hilton Head Harbor...$3.68 a gal for gas...The water is SC is much prettier...a pale icy lime green...dolphins again.

StM 550

Halfway across Port Royal lumpy confused seas...6 power boats passed us....then they really were confused...Their waves really rocked us...
We had supper while cruising...hashbrowns, fish and green beans...entered Coosaw River at 4pm.

When one of these go by know it.
There are some nice boats out here

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