March 17, 2008


We had a good night at anchor...the Lingerawhile rides the swells and waves well. Water rushing under the bow makes a bit of noise but it doesnt bother us...a good way of knowing the anchor is still holding...when it gets quiet I get up to see if we are drifting away...

There is a hazy overcast but the warmth of the sun does get thru.
We started across St Catherines Sound around 1:30pm. it was quite lumpy, with a cross wind about 1 1/2 hrs before high tide. It seems strange to look out from our little boat and see the ocean...Jim is really working at steering as the swells and waves try to push us around.....but still not a bad ride...steep chop with white caps.
As we headed up Bear River we had a bit of current in our favor and a tailwind....decided to continue on and get thru Hell's Gate at high was a good choice.
Sappello Sound was another nice ride with no wind....we got a lot of cheers from a trawler towing 2 boats. Everyone was on deck yelling and waving...Jim thinks they were saying "yahhh Loopers!!"... Anchored in Moon River near StM 595

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