October 19, 2008

10 .18.08 & 10.19.08 St Johns River


We launched at Lake Monroe park. (N end of Lake Monroe, FL) I had called ahead to see if the ramp was open..it was...forgot to ask if the long term parking was available..it wasn't..evidently it had been flooded so long, they wanted it to dry out so it wouldnt tear up the grass etc. Jim's brother, Carl, had followed us up and we were going to spend some time on the lake with him. Jim took the truck and trailer back to the house and Carl brought him back to the boat. I had everything stowed and was ready to go..except for airing up the dingy.

We spent a few hours on the lake. They close the park at sunset so we had to have Carl back by then. As we cruised up to G109, our usual beaching spot for the dogs, we were treated to an absolutely beautiful sunset.

The island was underwater...no place to find dry land....the water went back into the trees so far we wernt able to get to shore...even if there was any.We had a nice night at anchor...even got cool enough for a light blanket.

Sun. We headed N...got to Hontoon Island..another nice beaching spot...no beach and they have put up a fence to prevent beaching..bummer...we like that spot..it's a short walk to the Indian Mounds from there.. a good hour or more if you tie up at their docks and walk in. We dingied in to high ground and gave the dog a quick walk.

We are anchored for the night behind G3. Nice "little" island....it used to be a pretty big one...only the highest spot is dry. It's still a good place to walk Raisin. She'll get an extra one tonight before it's too dark.

We look pretty good at anchor.
The tree blocking the view of the boat used to have at least 10 ft of beach between it and the water. It is going down, but very slowly.
Tomorrow we'll head across Lake George to Silver Glen Springs.

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