October 13, 2008

new fridge, & storage bins 10.12.08

This area of Florida has been forgotten with the disasters created by Ike and Gustav...but Faye really dumped a lot of water here and many are just starting to dry out.

While waiting for the river to get below flood level...and the boat ramps to open..we made a couple of changes. The small cube fridge was replaced by a 4.4 cu fridge. It has a better freezer compartment and more space below. I hope the 4 house batteries can keep up. We took the table out....we're using the cushions from the bench seat as back rest in the V berth. The fridge is anchored to the bench...a board was secured to where the table would be in the down position for makeing a bed...and bins bungied to it. They can be easily removed, should we decide we want to sleep here. We could sit the bins in the cockpit..take the board that's in front of the fridge (with the green mat) put it in the spot in front of the bin board and drop in a cushion..I doubt we'll need it for sleeping but we'll be on the water this winter and it can get down in the high 30's in this area..farther N it can get a bit colder. That could make a trip from the rear sleeping area ..thru the cockpit for a midnight trip to the head a bit chilly....so we'll be prepared.

We took 6 wire baskets and stacked and wired tied them together for clothing storage in between the bunks. They arn't fancy but "T"s and shorts etc are handy...plenty of air circulation..and arnt visually intrusive in a small space.
The water has come down enough so the boating restrictions on the St Johns River have been lifted...our favorite boat ramp at the N end of Lake Monroe is open...so we plan to launch Mon or Tues ..next week...for a few weeks to see if we like our changes.

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