November 21, 2008


Up early…37 degrees outside…not much warmer inside, but we were comfortable down below in the sleeper berth. I got up at 6 am and made coffee. That helped warm up the forward cabin. You could see your breath in the cockpit.  Jim got up and started the engine. While it was running we used the electric heater. After he shut if off he opened the engine compartment and the heat off the engine helped warm up the cockpit. A few minutes later the sun topped the trees and we started to warm up quickly. A bowl of hot oatmeal got the insides warmed up too.

My sister had offered me a pair of gloves and I didnt bring them…sure could have used them on the oars while rowing Raisin ashore at 6am.

We cruised up Blue Creek. Crossed Lake George with a nice flat ride. Larry , Diane & River Nomad make a pretty picture.11.20.08 007 We are anchored in Silver Glen Springs.. freezing this morning and swimming this afternoon.

Larry got into shallow water at the springs so Jim towed him back to raft up with us. I should have had the movie camera. It was a riot.11.20.08 008 11.20.08 011 11.20.08 013 Jim was zig zagging all over trying to keep everything in a straight line.  They finally got along side and tied together.

Jim and I decided to take the dingy for a ride and just then a small plane came cruising thru. I guess he buzzes the springs and if it isnt too busy he lands on the lake and takes a ride around the channel. We’ve seen him in here before.  Naturally I didnt have the camera with me.

We’ll spend the night here. We hope sitting in 72 degree water will make it a bit warmer tonight.

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greg zimpher said...

The water looks beautiful.