November 22, 2008

11.21.08 Silver Glen & crossing Lake George

Cool morning…lots of fog on the springs.11.21.08  Silver Glen spgs 020 I was up about 6 am and rowing Raisin to shore. Dropped her off and got the cameras.  I spent an hour rowing around waiting for the sun to come up and enjoying the wildlife. One spectacular Bald Eagle sat and watched me.11.21.08  Silver Glen spgs 050 If you look close in the next picture , in the trees over the bow rail on our boat, is the Eagle.11.21.08  Silver Glen spgs 066 Once the sun topped the trees the fog lifted and it warmed up. We were anchored in about 3 1/2 ft of water with only a few inches below our keel. The water is so clear.11.21.08  Silver Glen spgs 058  Only got down to 48 deg last night. Not too bad. We took our time getting things put away and then headed up Lake George to Salt River Run Springs.  The wind was kicking the lake up pretty good and we were headed directly into it…kinda like riding a rocking horse.  Diane was driving and hollered “ridem’ cowgirl”. She was having a blast.11.21.08 crossing Lake George 010 We ran aground just past the 2 bouys going into Salt River…With Diane driving and Larry controling the tow line we got pulled off. Guess we wont be doing Salt Springs till the water is back up….so headed to Welaka and the free dock, for the night.

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