November 22, 2008

11.22.08 Welaka, FL

We started the day with a walk to “Shrimp R us”.11.22.08 Welaka, Fl 003 Everyone had a good breakfast at a reasonable price. I had the BEST sausage gravy & biscuits, that I have ever had.  After good coffee and food we hiked a couple of blocks to the Maritime Museum.11.22.08 Welaka, Fl 015 You wont believe the boats inside. Andrew’s uncle started this and built all the boats. 11.22.08 Welaka, Fl 014 A couple of them will be in the Steam Boat parade on Dec 13. Andrew makes wooden vases. The technique was taught to him by his Uncle.11.22.08 Welaka, Fl 012 He made all of these except the ones with a stand. They are made with bits of wood…similar to the way this boat is made. I believe his Uncle used all his left over bits to make the vases.11.22.08 Welaka, Fl 010There is one at the entrance, that his Uncle made… that may be the biggest wooden vase. It sat in the Smithsonian Museum for 4 years. His cousin owns the museum and builds boats . It is a talented family. If you like wooden boats…you dont want to miss this one. It’s only a couple of blocks from the Welaka free dock, straight up the road…cross rt 309 and it’s on the L.  A right on 309 will take you to the restaurant.

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