December 29, 2008

12.28.08 Palm Beach

We had another beautiful sunrise.sunrise Lake Santa Barbara We were in a small man made lake with homes all around us. We are getting pretty unique in our spots to take Raisin ashore. She’s getting good at being set ashore from the dingy …taking care of business and getting back to the boat. I keep a leash on her and I dont have to go ashore….so parks and vacant lots with high seawalls will work. But we much prefer beaches.

Most of the cruising was pretty good. Not too many fast boats out until mid day. Lake Worth Inlet was pretty busy.12.28 to 12.29.08 019 Lake Worth Inlet I love sailboats.12.28 to 12.29.08 004

12.28 to 12.29.08 027 We anchored in Palm Beach. The water was very rough. Lots of wakes from passing boats and some wind….it calmed down after dark and the slight rocking put us right to sleep.sunset Palm Beach

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