December 29, 2008

12.29.08 island near St Lucie Inlet

Here’s an example of some of the wakes we have to deal with at times.12.29.08 009  Diane took this picture of us as we went thru the bridge and past the lighthouse near Jupiter Inlet.HPIM1422 I spent most of the day snapping pictures of the passing sailboats. I love the “liveaboard” look most of them have.12.29.08 001 12.29.08 011 12.29.08 012 12.29.08 015 We are anchored behind an island near St Lucie Inlet. There are several boats here as well as kayaks….and campers.12.29.08 017  12.29.08 019and ended the day with a beautiful sunset. You can see the sandbar between us and the ICW channel. There were a couple of boats beached on it and the kids tossed balls while the parents sat in beach chairs in the water. Dolphins cruised thru several times.12.29.08 025

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