January 14, 2009

1.13.09 Jacksonville, FL

Rained all day. Cold and damp. We had the generator running while cruising to keep the small heater going. With the heater and a fan acting as defrosters..we were able to keep up with the fogging on the windows. I think we drank more hot tea today..than for most of the trip. Of course, that didnt help with the steam problem…but sure did keep our insides warm.

Lots of big ships in Jacksonville.1.13.09 005 This one was being turned by a tugboat near the rear side of the ship.1.13.09 011 On the opposite side of the channel these small boats were racing. …gotta love sailing to be out in an open boat in the rain….but I remember Jim and I chopping ice on Grand Lake in Grove OK..so we could get our sailboat launched…1.13.09 012 Still lots of work being done on this bridge.1.13.09 007 They have a series of scaffolds and tarps…but these guys were working out in the wind.1.13.09 009 It looked like they were building the scaffolding.I saw them moving the long things around. It was pretty windy and cold. I dont think I’d want that job today. We are anchoring in Deep Creek on the St Johns River. Supposed to be very cold tonight.

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