January 15, 2009

1.14.09 Palatka, FL

It was in the low 40’s last night….inside and out. We shut the generator off after the movie and snuggled into our small sleeper berth… They are talking about a hard freeze..low 30’s and 20’s…planned to tie up to the city dock in Palatka and use the electricity tonight.. Dock workers said it is actually closed…they are repairing it…so we may get chased out. It is going to be nice when they get done. Palatka dock 001

Our 1000 watt honda will run just under 5 hours with the heater going. If we have to leave the dock we will try it with just the electric blankets plugged in to it….maybe it will run a few hours longer. If the inverter reads more than 12.6 the electric blankets shut down. They must have an internal protection or something. Work great if the batteries are below 12.6.

Here’s where Jim has to go when the generator needs refueling while underway.

Palatka dock 002It did help when the wind was at our backs.

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