January 17, 2009

1.17.09 from Waleka to Silver Glen Springs, FL

We hiked to Shrimp R Us for breakfast and took our generator gas cans.The generator ran over 9 hours with just the electric blankets. Everyone was snug in the sleeper berth. The cockpit was 40 degs when we got up…33 outside. COLD…actually felt like winter with that nip in the air.

Once the sun came up we got up to 60 inside…right now it’s 70. We are starting to cross Lake George…should be in Silver Glen Springs in an hour or two. Dont know if we will have phone or internet once inside…sometimes yes…sometimes no…

We are hopeing the 72 degree water will make a difference tonight.  should be able to go swimming this afternoon.

Since I dont have any pictures from today I thought I’d post a few that Larry and Diane took of us during the trip.HPIM1240

HPIM1252 HPIM1332 HPIM1452

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