January 17, 2009

1.16.09 from Palatka to Waleka City dock.

We had supper and a beautiful sunset in Palatka at the city dock. The electrical outlets for the heater were a big plus. 1.15.09 sunset at Palataka City Dock, FL 012

1.15.09 sunset at Palataka City Dock, FL 006 Even with the heater on all night it was only 51 inside the cockpit …outside it was 38. That was at 6 am. …no frost on the dock. Once the sun came up it warmed up considerably. When it’s over 60 in here we’re pretty comfortable.

We had a pleasant day on the water. The sky was clear and the sun warm. 

Once we were settled at the Waleka City dock we hiked into town. Larry and Diane made a stop at the Maritime Museum and we met them at the Shrimp “R” Us Restaurant. The shrimp special was delicious. I was trying to figure out how to get seconds but was just too stuffed. Very good meal at a reasonable price.

Looks like it will be a night for testing how long the generator will run with just the electric blankets plugged in. Sure hope Jim doesnt have to go out in the middle of the night to refuel it.

Heading to Silver Glen Springs in the morning.

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