January 21, 2009

1.20.09 heading home

We called Carl and made arrangements for him to meet Jim and Larry at the dock at Lake Monroe Park. Our trailers were at the house. We had planned to haul out on Thurs. but the weather was taking another turn towards COLDER and too much wind to have any fun dinking around Hontoon Island or the 3 mile trip to Blue Springs. 

It was good that we came home…it got really cold …might have split a pipe or lost the waterpump to a freeze. By using it off and on during the night we had no problem.  The thermometer in the boat read 25 this morning…very cold for central Florida.

River Nomad (Nimble Nomad) and Slow Motion (Albin 27) are sitting on their trailers ..in the yard..awaiting a few minor fixes…and then we’ll be off on another adventure.1.21.09 002

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Cullen Lover said...

I'm so glad you guys got back safe and sound :)