February 8, 2009

2.08.09 loading up…launching tomorrow

The weather has turned a bit warmer..here in FL. Hopefully, the nights with below freezing temperatures are done for the season.

Jim has made a few improvements to the back of the boat.  Moved the box to the port side..added a set of holders for the big fenders and made an anchor holder for the anchor Larry hooked onto in Titusville. It was a bit heavier then…Jim spent a lot of time getting the barnacles etc off. Now we have a good stern anchor.

Getting the big fenders off the narrow walkway on the back of the boat will make it much safer when strolling around out there setting fenders for docking. Jim also had to step over them when going back to launch the dingy or refuel the generator…Much neater now.

rear remodel 002

He also had to reset the dingy blocks. They had to be moved to the rear so the dingy would clear the fender holders.

Jim replaced the “V” that the bow of the boat rode on. It worked great for launching but once reloaded it was difficult winching the boat forward that last 5 or 6 inches so it rested against the bow roller.rear remodel 004

My sister, JoAnne, had a bunch of trailer rollers and parts so he added these. We’ll see how well they work this next trip out.

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