February 11, 2009

2.11.09 Crazy Gator day!!!

We never get enough gator watching…had 3 cruising the anchorage, before we left this morning and the Ahingas were all out sunning them selves. They are a diving bird and must dry their wings.2.11.09 003 This gator was a big one!!!2.11.09 007 Does this look like love?2.11.09 030 these two arnt speaking….2.11.09 039 arnt I cute??2.11.09 041

and these are just a few of the many many we saw. It was a great gator watching day.

We anchored in Alexandria Spring Creek, near R18..time to take the dog to shore.  Hard to believe….lots of mosquitos…didnt the frost kill any of them?   Silver Glen tomorrow…I think…

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