February 13, 2009


We spent the day cruising and checking out gators.  Jim and I took a side trip up Blue Creek. We were surprised to see 2 Sandhill Cranes on the waters edge. 2.12.09 sandhill cranes on Blue Creek There were 2 racoons on the lawn across the canal. The lady who lived there offered to call in a hawk but my camera was blinking “low battery” so I had to pass.

We arrived in Silver Glen Springs fairly early and the sun was warm and the water just right.  Had a nice swim..got the anchors all set and took a short nap…a few minutes later, Larry dingied over to tell us some important medical stuff had been left at the truck or home…so we hauled anchor and headed back S. We anchored by G3, behind the island. Treated to a beautiful sunset.1.13.09 010

Lake Monroe Park tomorrow.

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