February 13, 2009


Larry was up early and left a bit before us. We had to take the dog to shore etc. Pretty heavy fog for awhile but the sun burned it off as soon as it was over the tree tops. 

We made a short stop at Hontoon Island to fill the fresh water tanks.

Larry gave us a shout when he reached Lake Monroe Park…it’s funny how some things just work out right.  As they we getting near the park the people from Marine World warned them that there was a dolphin in the area and they were going to catch it and take it to Marine World to be checked out. It had been spotted in Lake Monroe..I guess they are supposed to be in salt water so they were concerned about her.  Larry got some photos. I will post them when he sends them to me.

A quick trip to the house and retrieved the supplies…back on the water and headed N by 4 or so.  We are anchored near G97 in Emanual Bend.  Pretty sunset with this bird silhouetted against the night sky.2.13.09 sunset G97  We should be in  the Astor, FL area tomorrow… and possibly in Welaka on Sunday afternoon.

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