March 13, 2009

3.11.09 leaving for Cumberland Is. GA

Our launch went well. All the changes Jim made to the trailer have made it much easier.

It was hot so we decided to head N and inflate the dingy when we anchored for the night.

It was a perfect gator watching day…3.11 to 3.12.09 002 This big boy was not at all pleased with my trying to sneak in for a close-up..he made a big production of hitting the water with a hugh splash and then thrashing his tail…I guess he’s been hunted a time or two.

We had planned to be on Lake George for the shuttle launch but it was postponed so we anchored early. Onece the dingy was inflated and the dog walked we headed for bed.

We really enjoy traveling at night so Jim got up at 2am and loaded the dingy for travel. With coffee and a hot bowl of oatmeal in hand..we cruised by the light of an almost full moon…It was beautiful…not as much fun as I remembered in the sailboat but fun never the less.

We’ll be in Silver Glen Springs tomorrow to meet Ed and Carole and their Albin 25..Southern Cross.

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