March 13, 2009

3.12.09 Moonlight run

We had a good night on the river. We used to sail alot at night on Grand Lake, OK.

That was where we met Larry (River Nomad). He was a die-hard sailor and poked a bit of fun at our 26X, with it’s 50hp motor. Now we both have trawlers.

Larry, Diane & River Nomad made it safely back to OK. We’ll look forward to meeting them again for a cruise.

At the entrance to Silver Glen Springs..we anchored and took the dingy in. The moon was still up .3.11 to 3.12.09 009 But the sky was getting pink in the E.3.11 to 3.12.09 029 3.11 to 3.12.09 044 That’s Slow Motion, in silhouette, on the horizon.3.11 to 3.12.09 049 Jim saw this flock of birds.3.11 to 3.12.09 047 I was trying to get a nice shot of the boat in the sunrise and accidently got this.spider The camera focused on the palm leaf.

Using the oars, we checked the depth over the bar to see if we could clear it.  Looked like we had 2 inches more water than needed. Once back at the boat we proceeded in …slowly…no problem…

Carole & Ed with Southern Cross…were already here.3.11 to 3.12.09 054 Ed was doing a bit of cleaning up when we rowed up to say hello.3.11 to 3.12.09 063 George was visiting with,Kerry, one of the owner’s of Tursas. She and Jerry  have just come up from the Keys…and are heading to NY aboard their Albin 25.3.11 to 3.12.09 061 We were invited aboard Southern Cross for strawberry shortcake with Carole & Ed. Kerry & Jerry joined us. Ed is waiting to help us tie alongside.3.12.09 018 Some exceptional people spend lots of time aboard boats.

Dont let anyone tell you Florida doesnt  fog the mosquitos..3.12.09 014 Just kidding….there was a fire burning to the W of us. the smoke stayed high and didnt bother us.

We are heading N to Cumberland Island, GA, in the morning.


hangingout said...

love following your trips,how bout a chart or map? Might want to travel behind you.

Larry and Diane said...

It seems strange to read the blog and not be there.

hangingout said...

Hey Larry,Miss your Nimble. Do you have a blog or any site detailing living with a Nimble? Thinking of getting one.Sorry if this is not the proper etiquette ,didn't know how to contact you.

Larry and Diane said...

No, we don't have a blog, because Carol does such a nice job.
You may check out Nimble_Owners at yahoo

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

try this link. you can view charts of the St Johns River

I try to post the markers we anchor near.
The St Johns River is a great place to spend the winter. Most swimming is done at Silver Glen Springs but there are places along the way that others play at the waters edge...I love spotting gators and realize how many there are out there so I stick to the springs.
Do you have a Nimble?