March 17, 2009


Yesterday didnt start out the best. Had trouble getting the engine to run and when it did…it poured smoke.  Shut down several times and Jim tried a few things…finally got it running well enough and without a great deal of smoke so headed to Fernandina Beach. Carole and Ed of Southern Cross, suggested a couple of marinas so we ended up at Tiger’s Pt. Marina.  They had a mechanic on duty…he couldnt pin point anything…fuel injection pump..timing belt..rings …all the things Jim has thought of so we will be towing home. It was disappointing since it ran so well at the start of the trip….seemed quieter…smoother…We were happy with the new injector tips.

Carole and Ed invited us over for an early St Patrick’s day dinner of corned beef and cabbage. I need to get a pressure cooker (as soon as we have a boat that runs)…it was a fantastic meal and prepared in less than an hour. It looks like the way to go to save time and fuel. I’ve been reading about them but never knew anyone that used one.

Jim’s brother, Carl, came to the rescue. He picked Jim up and is taking him to the truck and trailer. We will be hauling out tomorrow at high tide.

This will be the last picture of Slow Motion and Southern Cross, together, for awhile.3.17.09 004 We are sorry we wont meet the other Albin owners…sorry we didnt get to say a proper thank you and goodbye to Gordon..and to Karen and Jerry.  We did get to see an Albin 28 cruise in and turn around ..we thought he was going to dock so I didnt grab my camera…It was Restless…(my old CB handle), but he continued on out the creek. I hope he’s headed for the mini get together at Cumberland Island.

It was fun running with you, Ed & Carole..we really enjoyed your company. Let’s do it again next year. Maybe we’ll even finish the trip next time….for now…our next cruise will be “land cruising” to NY.

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