March 24, 2009

3.19.09 hauling out

This is the ramp we used. hauling out and engine 002 You wouldnt think we could back in far enough and not drop off the end of the ramp…but we did.  We backed the trailer in at low tide to see how far we could go. It looked like it would be ok so we came back at high tide and all went well.

Once on the trailer we stripped all the canvas off and stashed everything for the ride.hauling out and engine 001 This will be the farthest we’ve towed. Fernandina Beach to Oviedo, FL. It’s only about 180 miles to the house. Good trip. No problems…truck handled it well. We look forward to traveling to other places. Really want to do the Land Between the Lakes (KY) one of these days, or maybe even the Arkansas River with Larry and Diane.


Larry and Diane said...

We are waiting for you guys to get that motor fixed and get back from NY

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Jim is hopeing the rebuilt long block will be in next week and he can have most of it together before we leave here. It will be tough getting him into that camper with a new engine to work on, though.