March 27, 2009

3.27.09 engine tear down

Most of the morning was spent cleaning the oil pan. It will be put on the rebuilt block.clean oilpan Jim has been wanting to tear the engine down to see what the problems were..even though we are going to use a different rebuilt long block. 

tearing down the block 025 It was pretty interesting. I got a lesson in engines while taking pictures.tearing down the block 033 One of the tricks of the trade….see that short hose?..he puts one on each bolt before dropping the piston out so the threads wont score anything.tearing down the block 036 Heres one of the pistons.tearing down the block 039He could see where there had been blow-by…and found a couple of other things…..when he got done he decided to scrape the paint off of the heat exchanger…heat exchanger    stuff 003 He’ll repaint it later…but the real surprise came when he took the end cap off…..heat exchanger    stuff 002 all of that “stuff” was packed into the third section at the top of the picture.  He’s thinking it is impeller parts from the water pump…that will get torn down tomorrow. We never had an over heating problem so it was a big surprise..Perhaps the water pump impellers had been replaced at some point. So…..if you are missing some impellers on your water pump you might want to look in here. He’ll know tomorrow.

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