March 28, 2009

3.28.09 busy feeders

You never know what you will find on this blog….just had to share some of the pictures I got of my birdfeeders. They are just outside the window of the computer room…maybe 10 ft from where I am sitting. I’ve been trying to get pictures of the Indigo Buntings but they are pretty flighty. There are 2 Painted and 2 Indigo buntings is this one.birds 3.27.09 033

You can see that one is much bluer than the other….they havnt completely colored out yet…

The green one in the picture below is the female Painted Bunting.  birds 3.27.09 039

I have seen 4 Painted Bunting pairs and 3 Indigo Bunting pairs at the feeders. The brown ones are the female Indigos.birds 3.27.09 020 Oh….here are the “twins”….they come in early evenings to finish up what the turkeys havnt gotten.hauling out and engine 007 We love the “critters” that pass thru here. At times we get overrun….

One year we had wild hogs that came in each night…I started tossing corn out into the underbrush that needed clearing and they did a great job. But they can be really destructive. 

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