April 9, 2009

4.8.09 Ready and Waiting…or so we thought

Jim had all the parts back on4.8.09 009 Got it all rigged for lifting4.8.09 010…and moved it near the door. 4.8.09 012  He  wanted to turn the engine over and make sure there was oil pressure and no leaks before it went back in. So he hooked up a remote starter….bummer….no pressure…back inside for a “look-see”.4.8.09 013 The check valve in the oil pump on the new block wasn't working properly so he replaced it with the check valve from the old oil pump.

Here he is checking the oil pickup with one of his professional tools.4.8.09 016 The truck wasn't able to make it today…but that was just as well. Jim was able to figure out what was wrong and get it fixed before it was put back in. We now have oil pressure..so far no leaks…Maybe the truck will be here tomorrow.

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