April 9, 2009

4.9.09 IT”S IN!!!!

We had almost given up on getting the engine in today…but Bill called and said they’d be here around 5pm..so we wolfed down our supper…got the top and side curtains down…truck hooked up and boat in position. 4.9.09 set it in 002 Looking over the marine parts on it.4.9.09 set it in 004 Jim had all that stuff off when they pulled it out. They were interested in what it was and how it worked.

I got in the boat for a birds eye view.4.9.09 set it in 009  It set right in there slick as could be.4.9.09 set it in 010 The boom control is in his right hand.4.9.09 set it in 0114.9.09 set it in 016 They definately have the right equipment for the job…sure hope none of you Albin owners will ever  need their services….but if you do…we have room in the yard for you to park the boat and a camper.4.9.09 set it in 018  I dont think it took them more than 1/2 an hour. Jim will hook everything up tomorrow..maybe we’ll get to hear her run.

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