May 7, 2009

I’m packing !!!!

I started putting stuff back into the boat for our first trip with the rebuilt engine.

I sprayed all the compartments with the insect spray made for my Lovebird, Babe. (safe to spray directly on baby birds, so figure it might be safe for me). I want to be sure there are no big “hunter” spiders or other bugs moving aboard.  Once it dries it has a residual effect for 4 – 5 weeks. I don’t really like pesticides but I have to do my window and door frames every so often or I get surprised by seeing a big creepy spider run across the ceiling. Here in FL, you shake out everything before you use it. Havn’t seen any in many months…don’t really want to…especially not in my sleeper berth.

I’ll have everything thing in and ready to go in a day or two. We cant stay out long…but couldn’t wait any longer to see how she runs.

Jim had the engine running for over half and hour, day before yesterday, and then changed the oil. So…I guess we are good to go, as soon as, I finish stowing away all the stuff I hauled out awhile ago.

Next post should be from the St Johns River. See you then.

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John in Augusta said...

How did you engine trials work out? Having followed the saga, we await a report with great anticipation. Good luck! John