May 15, 2009

Monday thru Friday on the St Johns River

We launched the boat on Monday morning. 5.12.09 007 We cruised out onto Lake Monroe, shut down and drifted until we got the dingy inflated and everything stowed. Our vacuum cleaner makes short work of inflating and deflating.5.12.09 012 The new engine was smoking, but we had expected there to be some. At least until the stuff all the parts were cleaned with etc. had burned off.

The Osprey love to nest on the markers. Here are 2 youngsters.5.12.09 026c

Look at the face on this little one.

5.12.09 030c

And here comes Momma.5.12.09 023c

Once every thing was stowed and we’d taken a few minutes for a cool drink of water, we headed N on the river. To our surprise….we spotted a houseboat with a pontoon boat tied along side.  We only know one couple who use a pontoon boat for a dingy…Ron and Karen!! We tied along side and had a pleasant evening visiting with great friends.5.12.09 036c

It is really a great idea, towing the pontoon boat. They can anchor where they want and explore in comfort.5.12.09 045

We spent Monday night at anchor with Ron, Karen and Bob. Tuesday they are  heading S and we are going to go N.  We’ll meet on the return trip.

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