August 31, 2009

Hardtop frame set in place for fit

While Jim was getting last minute stuff done, I removed all the side curtains. We hoisted the hardtop frame into place.005

We left the bimini in place to help support it until we got our final measurements for the up-rights on the sleeper deck. This way we could walk around, and under it to look things over. Even able to step back and look at it and take a few pictures.

I had been a little concerned about the step up, but we wanted a few inches of headroom. After looking at it I think it will be fine. Everything steps up from the deck and this just falls in line.

It’s just sitting on the top now…but it will be thru bolted and will have a nice snug fit.


He has to trim up a few spots.012

Then it was lowered down and put back in the shed for the skin to be put on. That will take us a few days.

Jim and I got it up and down, by ourselves, but we’ll have to recruit a bit more muscle to get it up for the final installation as it will be a bit heavier.

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Hira Reid said...

My Albin 25 came with a hardtop and I really love having it. I have roll up canvas/isenglass windows, which makes it nice and easy to use. It originally came with tempered glass sliding windows, but I took them out after several months. It was much too hot and had limited opening to get on and off the boat. I know you will really love having the hardtop.
Hira on board Shatoosh Columbia River