August 30, 2009

Hardtop framework

Once we got back from our test run with the rebuilt fuel pump…Jim spent a couple of days cleaning out the bilge and repairing the float for the bilge pump.  Lets hope he wont have to do that again for awhile.

We picked up the material and started on the hardtop framework. We are using 5200 where each of the boards come together. This will help secure the screws and joints.071cs

We let it have a couple of days to dry and will have to do that as we go.

Tomorrow we can set it in place…measure for the rear supports and bring it back down. Even though it will be a few inches higher than the cockpit roof we want to follow the same line. We are hoping by putting it in place and stepping back for a better look…we’ll get it right the first time. Then we can start putting the “skin” on the top.

I am anxious to see how it looks..In our minds already is beautiful..but then we have to expect some reality.


John in Augusta said...

It is looking good! What are the materials you are using? PVC? Thanks for sharing your progres. John in Augusta, A25 #1117

Carol said...

John...I believe it is PVC. Much lighter than the wood we looked at and shouldn't warp, rot etc. I saw a really nice hardtop on an A25 on this blog: