September 18, 2009

Astor, FL to Silver Glen Springs

We cruised up to the Astor boat ramp and picked up our friends, Tony, Karen & Mike and took them for another boat ride. We were headed to Silver Glen Springs and took Blue Creek for a nice side trip on the way. It is beautiful through there.

Once at the springs we put our suits on and got out the snorkels and fins.008

Water was cool, clear and very refreshing. We spent a few hours there and headed back to the boat ramp. They had to be in GA that evening. It was a short day but a fun one. Tony drove part of the way back.017

Once we’d dropped them off, we headed back to the glen for the night. Jim did a bit of  snorkeling,066  While I tried to get a picture of a turtle sunning itself. 058  With a nice cool breeze it was time for some reading.032 My sister had given me a large roll of white mesh material and I hung a piece from the rear handrails to help block the sun. We have enough for both sides. It really helps keep the boat cool..even keeps some of the bugs out. We have a screen for the rear..but no side screens yet. Another great day on the water. Air temp and breeze made it one of the best.

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