October 19, 2009

Cruising with Larry and Diane

Larry and Diane met us at G3 and we headed N to Silver Glen Springs.

We like the side trip up Blue Creek. It’s a narrow, winding creek. There are a few homes but most of it is pretty wild. Here come Larry & Diane.004cs

We had a few sprinkles but not anything to worry about.021cs

There is one home along the creek where you can sometimes see Sandhill Cranes…wild Turkey, Raccoon024cs

and even a Red Shouldered Hawk. 027

Carol called her in, while we watched. It was  a treat. She really does share her beautiful place with the wildlife and enjoys them all. Isn’t she georgous!!!!030cs

Diane takes her turn as “Captain”.


Lake George was relatively flat and there was a lot of floating beds of weeds.119

Larry radioed over to let Jim know how much he enjoys his auto-pilot. (ours in still in a box) 127

This is such a nice boat…with lots of “goodies”…and we are glad Larry & Diane  are the proud owners.

Once at the springs..it was time for a wash-down & rinse-off. Larry is making sure all the shampoo is rinsed out….boy…what a life!   Gotta show this picture to Jim and see if he can catch on.137 It’s amazing how cold 72 degrees can feel on a 90 degree afternoon.

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