October 23, 2009

Welaka & Palatka, FL

We decided to cruise up to the Welaka City Dock and hike up to Shrimp R US for an early supper. On the way, we spotted Muskrat Love, another Albin 27. She is available for charter, and was anchored next to us at Silver Glen several months ago.010

I think this boat is the reason we now have a hardtop. After seeing it up close…we knew we had to have one.

After a very good dinner, we headed to the Palatka City Dock to spend the night.025

We enjoyed the company of several very nice people. Two college students were working on the interior of a sailboat they plan to take to Columbia, and this youngster fell in love with Diane.024

She has such a nice way with kids. She not only talks to them as an individual…but listens to what they have to say as if it is the most important and interesting thing she’s heard all day. She lets them all know just how special they are and they walk away with that feeling. It is truly a  God given gift that she has.

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