October 26, 2009

Heading home…bummer!

Nice night at anchor in the side channel N of Blue Springs. There is a small boat ramp across the river and we dingy Raisin over there for her walk.

This is the sunrise as we are headed back to the boat.


While Jim did the driving…I removed all the vinyl side panels for the trip home, and stowed everything that might blow out.

When we got to one of our favorite anchorages, Jim asked if I wanted to do a ride through and look for gators. This is usually a pretty good spot and we anchor here a lot for that reason. And look at the one we saw.


This gator is the largest we’ve seen in a long time.


Most of the big ones have been hunted out. I won’t be swimming in this area!

Loading the boat on the trailer went well. The day was sunny but not too hot. I spent the afternoon unloading the food stuffs and dirty laundry…need everything clean and  ready for the next trip.

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