November 6, 2009

Rebuilding a trailer for an Albin 27 (part 1)

Our friends from OK, Larry & Diane, bought “Rabble” an Albin 27 that was located here in FL. They brought a trailer with them…unfortunately it wasn’t setup for an Albin.


So..Jim offered to trade ours for theirs.  This will give Jim time to figure out how to remodel.

The bunks had to be removed.

bunks removed

The bow roller was reversed so it would reach the bow.

bow roller reversed

Uprights for the bunks had to be made taller and adjustable.


The keel will sit on one of the bunks…it will have to have risers to fit the shape of the keel.  and the bunks on the side are made so they can follow the shape of the hull.


Jim spends a lot of time cutting…… drilling and welding.


He resto-rodded his ‘67 Chevy Pickup ..a frame up restoration with a ‘58 Chrysler Hemi in it….so he has most of the tools needed to do this. Although…he did buy a neat little drill press. He made all the adjustable brackets and each had to have 2 holes.

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Todd & Brenda Lanning said...

Hey there AlwaysLingerAWhile, This is Life's2Short! Been reading part of your blog. We wintered on the St Johns this past year up at Sanford Boat Works, you can read about our adventures on our blog last November and then again when we came out of there this past March. I used to live in Grand Junction, CO and would average 45 days a year on Lake Powell, LOVE THAT LAKE! Send us an email so we have your email address and we will put you on our blog update list. Can't wait to read more about your adventures, it sounds like you are getting ready to purchase another boat??? Keep in touch,