November 12, 2009

Bow centering roller (part 4)

I sure hope Jim gets to spend as much time on the boat as he has under it.


When my sister, JoAnne, moved…she had Jim go over and see if there was anything in the shop he could use. She and her husband had accumulated all kinds of stuff….he found several keel rollers and rollers of different sizes. Most were used on the other trailer,but these two keel rollers were left. Along with all the rollers were the 2 7’ teak handrails that we used on the hardtop. Her little stash has saved us a bunch of money.

The two keel rollers were welded into a frame with a centering roller and welded on the trailer for bow support.


Once they are welded into place….he knocks off all the “slag” and checks his weld.


The brackets for the guides have been welded into place.001

Each step gets us closer to a test launch…and hopefully….. retrieval.

Of course, I am very understanding…and if, for some reason, it won’t go back on the trailer….….I am willing to stay aboard while he brings the trailer back to the house for repairs…..even if it takes weeks( I should be so lucky)…as long as he brings a few groceries once in awhile. Isn’t it nice to have such an understanding wife?!!

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