November 10, 2009

Keel board and bunk adjusters (part 3)

Jim finished the keel supports.


The keel board needed to be raised 2” to allow for axle clearance. 008

Side adjusters… he made each of the thumbscrew locking sections himself. That’s where the new drill press came in handy. Then the nuts were welded into place.


He is now working on the bow roller winch and safety chains.

It may not be fancy…but a ladder was added so he can step from the trailer to the bow to get on and off during launching and retrieving. It can be removed for long distance hauling, but will remain in place for the short trips from here to the St Johns River.

Like I said…not fancy…but what else would you do with an old ladder?


Here is the latest winch setup…002

I know as soon as I post these he will make some changes…oh well…he had to have something to keep him busy.

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