November 20, 2009

Doctors Lake

Last night we anchored near a road that came to the waters edge so we could get Raisin ashore…then Jim found a tree limb in the water,..(connected to the tree)..and tied a line to it ..and back to the boat. He then pulled the back of the boat towards shore...That way we could sit facing the center of the river and take the wakes on the bow, instead of broadside. It worked great!!!  Only boat creating a big wake went by before we were tied off!!!

Jim was up early…had the coffee all made and was reading when I got up. We hoped to get an early start to catch the tide flowing N…the direction we needed to go to get to Doctors Lake.

Everything went well until we tried to haul up the anchor. Must have snagged 20’ of water. Evidently the one we tied to wasn’t the only one on the bottom. We tugged one way..then the other with the boat and then we both started hauling it in together…’s amazing what team work can do. Got it up!! I was sure thinking about the windlass Larry has on his boat.

Once on Doctors Lake we started looking for a possible anchorage with shore access. Most of the lake shoreline is residential.(Doctors?) In Mill Cove we found a launch ramp and dock. We’ll spend the night here.

Once that was decided we headed up to Whitey’s Fish Camp, and tied to their dock.


They have nice docks…I saw a couple of electrical outlets..but forgot to ask if they were for over-nighters.


Whiteys is much larger than you first realize. Plenty of inside and outside seating. We were there at 10:30 and they didn’t open until noon….so Jim found something to do. He moved the radar unit to the dash.


It had been mounted on a bracket where the chart book is standing. It stuck out into the cockpit..made a great head banger when working in the engine compartment…and made it impossible for me to reach the starboard window to wipe it down. I think we’ll like it much better where it is. And the cockpit looks roomier.

We had a great lunch at Whiteys. It is a definite “must” stop if you are in the area. Not too pricey and the food was great. There were at least 20-25 people in there for lunch and still arriving. It looks like it would be a fun place to visit on a Fri night.

I think we had 5’-6’ of water in Swimming Pen Creek to  Whitey’s dock.

We are at anchor in Mill Cove. Jim is working on the dingy motor. It was running a bit funny last night. We are going to cruise in…walk around a bit and get rid of some trash.010cs Maybe just loaf around the rest of the afternoon.

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