November 21, 2009

Palatka, Fl (heading S)

We spent the night at Doctors Lake and were treated to a beautiful sunset.002cs

There was just enough motion on the lake to gently rock us to sleep.

Jim was up early and made coffee. We enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and a beautiful sunrise while waiting for Raisin to get up.008cs

We left a bit before slack tide, but it eventually caught up with us and we had a nice push all the way to Palatka.

We don’t see many barges on the S end of the river but you can see barges and very large ships once you get up near Green Cove Springs.


It was a white bright day with a bit of haze. I took my turn at the wheel.027cs

I have to sit on a couple of float cushions in order to see well so the placement of the radar didn’t make any difference. We already like it better.

We pulled into the city dock in Palatka and tied up. We both took showers and then filled our fresh water tank and jugs. We got there just in time for a concert in the park.


It was almost over by the time we hiked over, so we headed back to the boat and untied. We are going to Corky Bells for supper.!!!

We had a wonderful meal. Jim’s 1/2 rack of ribs & grilled shrimp were great!!!..only  $9.95  I had blackened Maui-Maui..$8.95. Both had more than we could eat. We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the band. Good place to spend a Sat night.

After supper we walked to the store and picked up a few supplies. We’re good for another week.

We’ll spend the night at their dock if they don’t send us on our way.

We should both sleep well tonight.

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