November 28, 2009

Hontoon Island

We had a nice quiet night behind G3 island. This boat came in later. I believe it’s an American Tug.


We left the anchorage around 10 am and took our time heading up the river. Our plans were to tie up at Hontoon Island….they’ve done a lot of work on the island since our last visit. It should be on your list of places to stop. Be sure to visit the museum and hike to the Indian Shell Mounds. Boat slips with electric and water. 1/2 price for FL seniors over 65.

Since we only had about a 4 hr run we slowed or stopped for every gator we saw. While drifting up on this one…..


Jim spotted a Manatee. So we shut the motor down and drifted. Look what came over to check us out.!!!!


Momma and her twins….at least they look like they are the same age.



They swam over to us….then under us…and moved on up stream. We just kept drifting until we were sure they couldn’t be any where near our prop. I am so thrilled to have gotten a picture of  the 3 of them together.

It was  also a bad day on the river for wildlife. We saw 2 dead turtles floating. And then spotted this dead gator.


Farther up stream we spotted a gator swimming in front of us. I didn’t bother to get the camera since they always dive before we can get close enough. This one didn’t…so we knew something was wrong. We slowed down and looked him over.  It looked like he was having trouble moving…and if you look close…it looks like possible prop marks on his tail…but it could be from fighting with another gator.

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He finally made it out of the center of the channel and we continued on our way.

Most of the slips were full when we got to Hontoon Island,  but we were able to get one and tied up for the night. Our hike on the trails brought us to this Barred Owl. What a beauty!!


They are very large owls. I think he’s looking at my little dog with a lot of interest. She’s about the size of a small rabbit….I think Rabbit is on their menu.


Such a handsome bird.


The trails take you through some beautiful country.


They also have cabins for rent.


Lots of wildlife here. I even saw a bear last year.

Tomorrow we have another short run, so will anchor near Blue Springs for awhile and watch for Manatees, maybe even go into the springs and talk to the Rangers and see if the Mother and the 2 little ones made it in. Then we’ll anchor behind the island at G109.


Anonymous said...

The red boat looks like a Ranger 25 Tug.


Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Could be..we'll have to ask the next time we see it. Beauiful boat. Looks bigger than ours but is 2' shorter....and probably much more expensive.