November 27, 2009

It’s Friday and we’re heading S

We picked up Jim’s brother, Carl, in Silver Glen Springs yesterday morning.003cs It took us a little over 3 hrs to get to the Welaka  city dock. A short hike and we were at Shrimp R Us and had a great Thanksgiving dinner. The only bad part….no leftovers. Even the pumpkin pie was homemade.

It was a shorter ride back to the Springs…wind at our backs and we made good time. We got Carl back before the park closed and he was able to head home. It was a fun day.

A very cold night, but we survived. Ran the heater until we went to bed…hot water bottle for the bird..sweater and blanket for the dog. Started the generator about 7 am and cranked up the heater again. Sun didn’t hit the boat until after 9am. Then it was toasty inside. The air outside was so cool we decided to skip the morning swim.

Look how clear the water is…It’s only about 5’ deep here.


We didn’t have a lot of company yesterday…but the boats started coming in this morning. At least 8 showed up fairly early, and we met 3 on our way out.


We are the last boat you can see in the middle of the picture.


While we were dingying around at the upper end…I spotted this “bobber” and line in a tree. Got it out….no bird will get this tangled in its legs. I guess because they are Styrofoam and cheap…they don’t bother to try to get them back..just cut them loose. There’s at least 20’ of line there.


I don’t know how Jim did it….but he spotted this doe on the side of the river after we left Silver Glen .041cs

This one was standing near by.


We are anchored behind the island at G3. It’s going to be in the low 40’s tonight. We have the engine compartment open a bit…making use of all that heat. May have to start the generator before the night is over.

We are slowly making our way up the river (S) and towards home.

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