November 16, 2009

Launching with the remodeled trailer

We had a beautiful morning for a launch. Sun was shining but the air was perfect. We live to the L..back behind the boat. Our neighbor is to the R.005

This is the drive out.


Before we brought the boat back the last time..Jim limbed the trees and brush hogged the side. We have a good neighbor and we’re both at the end of the road.


The launch did not go without a few glitches.020  Once the boat started to float a bit..the anchor was in the way for cranking the winch handle. So that had to be put on deck so he had some clearance. Not a big problem but one that will have to be solved. The safety chains were a bit short and Jim had some trouble getting them unhooked…but get it done he did.

We figure it will take a few trips in and out of the water to get the boat to sit where it needs to. Once we have that figured out…Jim can work on the other stuff.

Great day for gator hunting. We saw 3 big ones and several small ones. I have a couple of videos that I will post on , as soon as I get them shortened up a bit for posting. I like this combination….turtle, gator and white heron.


All in all…it was not a bad day. We are anchored by Driggers Island at G43. We are just off the river and had trouble finding a spot for Raisin to go ashore. We did find a nice spot on the back side of the island and that is where we will anchor the next time we stop here.

The air is cooling down. We got the enclosure zipped and the ports closed, early, to save what heat we could. I think it’s only supposed to be in the mid to hi 50’s tonight so it will be good sleeping.

We should be in Silver Glen Springs tomorrow. Time for a bit of snorkeling.

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