November 18, 2009

Welaka, FL

We had a nice anchorage and took our time getting started. 

I splurged and spent $7 on a small toaster for the boat. Now we can have toast with our eggs..and we did. We’ll only use it while underway.

I sometimes think we only make plans so we can change them. We were going to stop at Silver Glen Springs but decided to keep on heading N. There are a bunch of lakes and rivers we’ve not spent any time on.

What a day for gator watching. Look at this beauty.


And this one…what a nice reflection… They all look like they are smiling at me.


It was also a good day for Bald Eagles. We saw at least 8.


This one sat on the marker…flew off as we went by and circled back after we passed.


Here he comes….


We are at the Welaka, FL city dock. (free). had a good supper and will be heading N in the morning.

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